Jill Duggar Learns It's Hard to Be a Midwife at Your Own Birth

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Just one month after his arrival, we finally got to see the entire birth story of Israel David Dillard. In a special 19 Kids and Counting, the cameras followed Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in the moments leading up to their son's birth, and immediately after, and one thing's for sure: No matter how prepared Jill was, the birth plan did not go according to plan.


By the time Israel was finally born, Jill had gone through 70 hours of labor (that's just about three days!). But about 50 hours in to the contracts and after her water broke, all plans changed.

She had originally wanted to do a home water birth, assisted by a midwife, Derick, mom Michelle, and big sister Jana. But right around the 50 hour mark, they moved onto their non-emergency hospital plan.

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That was the first of the changes.

Jill, who has been training as a midwife for quite some time, has had her fair share experience of labor and delivery stories. Those, however, were from the other side. She helped to assist moms, welcome babies into the world, but as we all know, it's completely different when it's your own baby.

Though she knew that the process was going as expected, "On the other hand, I'm like, 'This is my baby! This is me! We have to do something about this!'" she said.

And every mom can relate to that. You can see your family members and friends have children, but when it's your own, it takes a whole different perspective.

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Being a midwife, though it teaches you the important parts of the birth process, doesn't prepare you for your own birth. When its you laboring and trying to deliver a child, all that practicing and working starts to apply, but it's no shocker that it becomes a bit more... personal.

What was the most unexpected part of your birth story?



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