Zooey Deschanel's Post-Baby Bikini Body: Why You Won't Be Seeing It

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is expecting her first child ... but what we shouldn't expect after she gives birth is to see photos of her post-baby body miraculously transformed through hours at the gym into her former super-svelte self.


"Haven't we all seen those pictures of a sexy new mom in a bikini after one month?" said Deschanel, 35, in the June issue of Cosmopolitan. "I will not be that person."

I hafta say, I love how Zooey is refusing to slim down at light speed and don a bikini to prove to the world how quickly she can bounce back from pregnancy. Because these photos set the bar impossibly high for just about all moms -- most of whom don't have time to work out, or the money for a personal trainer to "bounce back" so quickly. 

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Granted, I guess I don't mind if a mom is proud of how hard she's worked to slim down and wants to show it -- good for her. But I'll be honest when I say these photos make me wince and feel insecure. I think, "dang, she looks great ... which means I could look that great too, if I hit the gym every day ... only I'd much rather take a nap. In other words, motherhood isn't to blame for this mush around my middle; it's actually all my fault!"

The end result: Looking at beautiful post-baby body pics makes me feel awful. Please tell me I'm not alone here.

That's why I'm very glad there are celebs like Zooey -- who do have the time and money to work out with a personal trainer -- who aren't even going to try. She's just going to accept her new mom body as is. And that means I can, too!

What can I say? Insecurity loves company.

How do you feel about moms flaunting how quickly their bodies "bounce back" after birth?


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