Michelle Duggar Shares Her Mother's Day Dream & the Likely Reality

jim bob and michelle duggar

You know her as the matriarch from 19 Kids and Counting, and with 19 kids and four grandchildren later (with another two on the way), Michelle Duggar knows a thing or two about motherhood. The star of the popular TLC reality show opened up to The Stir about her most memorable parenting moments and what she's planning on doing this Mother's Day.

Now that she's sharing the holiday with a daughter -- Jill gave birth to son Israel just last month -- the celebration is bound to be even sweeter.

Take a look at what the superstar mom shared with us about her favorite Mother's Day memory, her dream Mother's Day plans, and what will really go down with the Duggar clan on the big holiday .

Could you relate to #4? What's your ideal Mother's Day look like?


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  • Describe the first moment when you felt like a mom?


    "I really felt like a mom when we found out that we were expecting Josh. I realized that it was just me and Jim Bob -- it was me, and Jim Bob, and a baby. At that point, when we realized, 'we're parents.' Of course, we hadn't seen the baby yet, and we didn't get to hold the baby in our arms, but my life changed. I really began to consider everything that I was doing and the food that I was eating and thinking about my baby. From there, I guess every mama can probably identify with that, it's just such a miracle."

  • If you were to give a mom-to-be one piece of advice, what would it be?


    "If they're in those first few months, I would always say to them, have saltine crackers next to your bed. Before you put your feet on the ground, put about three crackers in your tummy, and have tons of protein snacks throughout your day. Keep yourself from being so sick if you can, and hydrated.

    And the joy -- even if you may not feel well in those first three months of your pregnancy -- is such a miracle!

    When you are parenting your little ones, always keep that focus and cherish every minute that you have because initially, just those first few months, you're going to be sleep-deprived. Realize that when baby takes a nap, mama takes a nap as well. Keep your energy up by eating healthy. And just taking a lot of pictures! Just realize what a precious gift they are from God and cherish those precious moments that you have with your little one."

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  • What's your favorite thing about motherhood?


    "The love that just seems to multiply. You love them more every day and return that love in so many ways."

  • What does your dream Mother's Day look like?


    "It would be nothing on our schedule and being able to just spend time together as a family, relaxing, and maybe sleeping in and having ice cream at some point during that day!"

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  • What will your real Mother's Day be like?


    "I'm really not sure what my real Mother's Day look like yet. We will be traveling, probably heading back from from an event that we are going to be at, so we might be on the bus headed home on Mother's Day."

  • What is your favorite Mother's Day memory?


    "I'm thinking of all the sweet little hand-made cards that my children have made for me through the years, and just going back through the boxes and seeing those, it's been a treasure.

    I can immediately picture a number of them in my head. All those Mother's Day times with my children are the most precious of all. Just getting to be with each other. Spending time with my children, my husband, they're my most favorite people in my whole world that I love to hang out with, so if that happens on Mother's Day, that brings great joy to my heart."

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  • How will your Mother's Day change now that Jill is a Mom?


    "That is exciting! I think it's so fun. I just have so enjoyed getting to be close by with Jill, and being able to help as I can with little Israel. So it's going to be a joy to get to celebrate Mother's Day and the fact that Jill will get to celebrate that too! I think she's really going to enjoy this first Mother's Day, and I know that it'll be a totally special time."