The Inside Scoop on Naming the Royal Baby 'Diana'

Now that the new royal baby is here -- and we all know it's a girl (yay!), everyone is buzzing about (and even betting on) what the little princess's name will be. Some folks think that Diana would be the perfect choice -- a sweet, sentimental nod to Prince William's mom.


But, anyone who had dibs on Kate Middleton and Prince William naming their new princess Diane or Diana just lost a few bucks. We can eliminate at least one name from the short list of contenders: a friend of the royal family confirmed that the couple have no intention of naming their daughter after Will and Harry's mom.

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Princess Diana's friend Rosa Monckton has told the press that Diana would have loved to have a granddaughter, which makes total sense given the fact that she raised two boys. While some wondered whether the couple would pay tribute to Diana, who died in August 1997 from injuries sustained after a car crash in France, others knew from the get-go that the name "Diana" wasn't even under consideration.

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According to a source, Kate and Will likely already have a name picked out for their little girl, but they want to stick to something more traditional, like Alice or Charlotte (both of which are at the tippy-top of the list for those who placed money on her name).

Despite rumors, neither Kate nor Will is superstitious about naming their daughter Diana, so this choice has nothing at all to do with the late princess' untimely death, according to the source.

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I can't imagine feeling so much pressure to come up with an appropriate name—it seems like all of England has a stake in this! Kate and Will, who welcomed their lovely little girl to the world on Saturday, are recuperating and getting to know Baby Alice/Charlotte at London's Kensington Palace before they retreat north to their country home, Anmer Hall.

They're expected to announce the new princess' name within the next few days.

What do you think about Kate and Will's decision not to name their daughter Diana? What's your baby name guess?


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