Jessa Duggar's Pregnancy Craving Is a Far Cry From Ice Cream!

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The beautiful Jessa Duggar Seewald is just settling into the lovely fact that she and husband Ben are going to have their first baby -- she's absolutely glowing. With a baby on the way comes those pregnancy cravings that can sometimes be a bit wacky. Ice cream? Chocolate? Not even close. Jessa's pregnancy craving is quite voracious and a bit unhealthy. Is this another sign she's having twins?!


Jessa is craving roast beef and a milkshake. I'm not even pregnant and that sounds delicious. It's not just any roast beef that Jessa is craving -- she and husband Ben hit up the Arby's drive-through to get their food on. The mama-to-be wrote on Instagram with this photo:

Lunch date with my man. Yeah…because ‘the baby' was craving Arby's. I love being able to use that excuse.

Okay, okay. So fast food isn't the healthiest option, but a craving is a craving. And sometimes we just have to eat on the go.

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When I was pregnant with my twins (which many suspect Jessa is too), I wanted burritos all the time. There was a Mexican restaurant not too far from my house that I would get take-out from at least once (okay maybe three times) a week. I loved their carnitas burrito with guacamole, rice, and tons of sour cream. And now I'm hungry for a burrito! These were huge burritos and might have weighed more than an newborn. (Kidding, sort of.)

We can expect many more pregnancy cravings from Jessa along the way. Jessa and Ben's baby is due on November 1st, which is also their wedding anniversary. Such sweetness for the Seewalds! Now we just have to get Ben to smile more in pictures!

What do you think of Jessa's pregnancy craving? What did you crave when pregnant?


Image via Jessa Seewald/Instagram

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