Jill Duggar Shares the Worst Thing About Being an 'Overdue' Pregnant Woman

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As we eagerly await for the arrival of the second royal baby, there's one celebrity mom who knows a thing or two about overdue pregnancies. Jill Duggar, who gave birth to son Israel nearly two weeks after the original due date, is dishing about how people should really help cheer on an overdue mom.


Baby Dilly's original due date was March 24, but the little man wasn't born until April 6. And Mom Jill knows all about how people responded and chatted to her in the last couple weeks of pregnancy.

"People were asking me if I was having twins," Jill tells PEOPLE. "They would say, 'When are you going to have that baby?' And some told me I was overdue. The lady who is pregnant is the last person who needs to hear that."

Hear that, people? "The lady who is pregnant knows she's overdue," Jill adds. "You are tired of hearing that."

She doesn't need people asking and commenting on her overdue baby. Instead, here's a chance to be much kinder and more encouraging to the mom-to-be before her big day. "Don't say, 'You look huge' or ask why the baby isn't here yet," Jill says. "Speak positively, be supportive, and say something nice."

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And it's really because she already knows that she's past her due date. Mom doesn't need the entire world reminding her that she has yet to start labor. Believe it or not, she's pretty aware of that.

While the family (or in the case of the Royal Baby, the world) is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their latest addition, let's all just take a step back and remember that Mom also wants to meet her baby.

"She is probably looking forward to seeing her baby just as much as the rest of the world is," Jill adds. "She is probably not too excited to have the entire world putting her on a time clock. Everyone should just be patient and supportive."

Were you overdue? What did other people say?


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