Jill Duggar Is In No Rush to Recover From Her C-Section

jill duggar baby israel

After 70 hours of labor and a C-section, Jill Duggar admits she is (rightfully!) taking her sweet time recovering from the arrival of baby Israel, who was born on April 6.


"I am still recovering," Jill said in an interview with People. "I am trying not to overdo it."

The new mom says she's grateful for her family's help.

"I have had one of my sisters, my mother or Derick's mother here with me most of the time now that Derick has gone back to work," she says. "It is really a blessing to have family close by to reach out to."

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Blessing, indeed. After my C-section, I had no family nearby to pitch in, and although my husband worked from home and was around, it was still rough. Because a C-section is no minor surgery! Getting out of bed alone can feel excruciating. And good thing babies come small, because lifting anything heavier than that little tyke would have been tough.

But I love how Jill is not trying to be a supermom post C-section. I think a lot of moms feel they need to "bounce back" after birth, even a cesarean (myself included). Thank you Jill for lowering the bar!

How long did you rest up after your C-section?


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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