Another Sign Jessa Duggar Is Carrying Twins

When Jill Duggar was pregnant, Duggar superfans were clued in on just about everything going on in her pregnancy, whether they wanted to hear it or not. But Jill's little sister Jessa just said that she might not be sharing the sex of her baby in the big way that her sister did. Actually, she might not be sharing that news at all.


Wait, what??!

Jessa and Ben Seewald apparently ran into students from the University of Arkansas and told them that they're planning on finding out the baby's sex in May, and then nonchalantly dropped the big bombshell that they might keep it a secret from everyone but each other.

That would be kind of huge news, given their family's very public pregnancy histories. Jill and Josh's wife Anna both did very public gender reveals, after all.

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Right now, it doesn't sound like anything is decided for sure. But would it be such a bad thing if Jessa and Ben kept a little quieter about their baby-to-be?

At your average ultrasound, there's a 5 percent chance that the doctor's wrong about the sex, which would be an extra embarrassing mistake to make with millions of people watching along with you. 

And none of the Duggar fans are about to stop watching 19 Kids and Counting in protest if Jessa and Ben keep their baby's sex a secret, so really, what's the harm? It's probably the safest move, and it will make everything more suspenseful and exciting when the baby's due in the fall.

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So let's talk about this instead: Could this be yet another sign that Jessa is having twins??

Think about it -- if they already know it will be babies instead of baby in the fall but they're sure that they want to keep quiet on that front ('cause c'mon, that's totally something they would do), then keeping the sex a secret is actually really smart. They're covering themselves so they don't have to lie during a gender reveal. Eh?

What do you think about Jessa and Ben keeping the sex of their baby a secret?


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