5-Year-Old Josie Duggar Suffers Seizure While Parents Are Away From Home (VIDEO)

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While Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were out of town, their youngest daughter, Josie, suffered a health scare that shook the whole family. The 5-year-old suffered a seizure while filming 19 Kids and Counting, and thanks to oldest sister Jana's quick thinking, was treated, helped by medical professionals, and brought back home safely.


In last night's episode of the TLC show, cameras caught Josie's attack and the whole family sprung into action. Take a look at the scary moment, and how James and Jana immediately knew what to do:

As Michelle mentions, Josie has febrile seizures, which are brought on by high fevers and cause her to convulse, shake, and temporarily lose consciousness. The 5-year-old, who was born premature, has has several at this point, so the family is trained and ready to react should Josie ever start showing signs of the seizure.

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Laying down a strategy, and knowing what to do and who to call, is important in any family with a child who has a special medical condition. Whenever parents are out of town or away, it's important to make sure that the baby sitter -- or in this case, siblings and grandparents -- know the proper protocol to follow to make sure that everyone stays healthy.

James immediately knew the signs of a seizure, Jana knew what to do, and the paramedics arrived on scene within minutes. Thanks to their quick reactions and work, Josie was treated and returned home soon!

Do your children know how to react in case of an emergency?



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