Jill Duggar's Husband Compares Being a Dad to Life in a Frat House

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Looks like Derick Dillard has quite the welcoming into fatherhood! The reality star welcomed his first child, son Israel David, with Jill Duggar early this month, and has wasted no time learning the tricks of parenthood. Dillard recently shared his "#NewDad" experiences with the rest of the world and it looks like Baby Dilly is giving him quite an initiation.


While Jill may have 15 younger siblings, Derick only has one. And he doesn't have any younger cousins, so you can bet that Israel is one of the first -- if not, first -- newborn he's ever cared for. But he's getting quite an immediate learning course. Take a look at Derick's reveal:

My son Israel nursed 20 min, threw up 4 times, and went through 3 diapers… all within the span of about an hour and a half last night. I’m sure this scenario is all too familiar to millions of parents who, at one time, have had the joy of caring for their infant child. I have much more respect for those dads who have gone on before me and experienced those early stages of fatherhood. In college I was in fraternities, and I compare my last two weeks to somewhat of an initiation into fatherhood.

Whenever he’s crying, I’ve started just going down a list of possible solutions: 1) Ask him what’s wrong, and then remember that babies can’t talk 2) Change diaper 3) Burp him 4) Bounce him 5) Give him to momma Jill to feed 6) Repeat until crying stops.

Babies, initiation, fraternities, we get it. Babies are, after all, just little drunk people, so the comparison isn't entirely lost.

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But Derick's message does leave us with an important lesson -- we never truly appreciate everything our parents do for us until we're put in their shoes. Those late nights, (extremely) early mornings, and countless messes are the most memorable parenting moments and ones Derick won't soon forget.

And it looks like the first-time dad has quickly adjusted to his new job. He's put down a system to figure out exactly what Israel needs, and his strategy seems to be working. Just continue on repeat until these nights finally pass.

What do you think of Derick's "#NewDad" message?


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