​Tim McGraw Will Stop at Nothing to Scare the Pants Off His Teen Daughter's Date

tim mcgraw

Country singer Tim McGraw has three teenage daughters with Faith Hill -- Gracie, 17, Maggie, 16 and Audrey, 13 -- and this dad is very protective of his brood when they head out on dates! One time, he admits he greeted one of his daughter's suitors at the door brandishing a butcher knife. Yikes!


"I happened to be cutting some meat up because I was cooking on the grill and I had a white apron on, so I had little chunks of meat on this white apron," McGraw recalled in a recent Extra interview. "I had a butcher knife when I answered the door and it wasn't on purpose, but it worked out well."

Well, here's my take: Tim may call that knife just a funny coincidence ... but when it comes to teenager daughters I just don't buy it! On a subconscious level he was telling that dude to watch out.

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And I'm fully behind you, Tim! I love how protective he is. Once my daughter starts dating, I'd love to see my own husband just "happen" to have a butcher knife in his hand when he answers the door!

I also love how Tim makes each and every boy talk to him, and talk to the mom. I'd expect no less when my daughter starts dating. Because moms and dads have a keen sense of who's a good guy for their daughter.

My mom, for instance, always knew a good guy from a bad one. So I'm guessing I should be able to do the same for my daughter -- to know instinctively who's better for her than she does herself. She probably won't listen to me (I know I didn't heed my own mom's advice), but I'm sure gonna try!

And when that fails, there's always a butcher knife.

How far would you go to vet your daughter's dates?


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