Josh Duggar Puts Jill's Husband Through Daddy Boot Camp (VIDEO)

jill duggar derick dillardJill Duggar may have grown up with a dozen younger siblings and trained as a midwife, but her husband, Derick Dillard, doesn't have too much experience around babies. So in anticipation of the arrival of baby Israel, the dad-to-be got a quick parenting lesson from Jill's big brother, Josh Duggar.


The "Daddy Boot Camp," which Josh realizes Derick really needs, features Israel's dad attempting to buckle 1-year-old Marcus into his car seat. Sans duct tape, thankfully. Take a look at the Parenting 101 session:

The trunk entrance? Definitely unconventional, but it seems to have gotten the job done, and Derick learned a quick lesson. Good think Marcus was able to give him a quick run-down of how the process goes. But the whole experience was a new move for Derick. "We've got to start at ground zero," Josh proves, so there's only learning to be done.

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Derick may still have a lot to learn, but he has plenty of teachers. Even he acknowledges that he's "observed kids from a distance," but hasn't had too much hands-on practice. On the other hand, Josh is already Dad to three little ones (and has another on the way) so if there's anyone who'd make a good teacher, it's Derick's older brother-in-law.

Now that Jill's little sister, Jessa, is expecting a baby, you can bet that Jill and Derick will continue to pay it forward and help Jessa and Ben prep for Baby Seewald!

What did you think of Derick's parenting lesson?


Image via TLC/E! News

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