Michelle Duggar Talks Eating Disorders & Raising Healthy Daughters (VIDEO)

michelle duggarWe first heard about Michelle Duggar's struggle with an eating disorder earlier this season on 19 Kids and Counting. The Duggar family matriarch revealed that while she was in high school, she struggled with bulimia and often found herself at odds with her body. But now, Michelle is sharing her eating disorder struggle and talking to her daughters about body image.


In an interview with People, Michelle revealed exactly how she has dealt with her past and how she encourages her daughters to handle any possible situations:

Michelle's one seasoned advice-giver. She's spoken out about how to live on a budget (buy used and save the difference), how to raise teenagers (courting rules, hello!), and how to manage a family of 19. While many moms won't be able to perfectly relate to her lifestyle, this is one great piece of advice that lots of moms can listen to and apply in their own lives.

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Raising teenagers, as Michelle will tell you, is no easy feat. Issues of body image are bound to arise, but letting them know that they can -- and should -- be open with Mom is a great piece of guidance.

If they're willing to speak and be accountable to themselves, Mom, and even their close friends and siblings, they'll have a support system that'll be there to help them through this hard time.

And, as teenagers, that comfort and willingness to share is exactly what they need.

What do you think about Michelle's advice to her daughters?


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