Jessa Duggar's Pregnancy Is Already Very Different From Her Mom's

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Now that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her first child with Ben Seewald, the 19 Kids & Counting star fully admits that things aren't going as she'd expected. Take Jessa's pregnancy food cravings, for one. She thought she'd love pickles and lemons, just like her mother before her. Well, turns out she can't stand them!


And that's just one of many surprises. Out of the blue, Jessa has also suddenly realized she couldn't do dairy. And while most moms-to-be have heard of morning sickness, nothing can really prepare you for all that unceasing nausea (which is thankfully nearly over as she enters her second trimester).

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Yup, Jessa is learning pretty fast that pregnancy is NEVER what you think it'll be ... and while it makes sense to look at your mom's pregnancy experience as a likely template, that comparison often quickly gets blown out of the water!

My pregnancy, for instance, was nothing like my mom's -- and in my case that was a huge relief! For instance, my mom experienced non-stop nausea. I threw up once -- that's it. My mom also suffered numerous miscarriages and gave birth to me three months early. This had me VERY nervous. But thankfully, no miscarriage happened, plus my daughter hunkered down in there until a week past her due date.

In fact, scientific research is divided on just how hereditary pregnancy symptoms really are. One study found that severe morning sickness could be genetic, but milder nausea was just a case-by-case basis. Meanwhile, miscarriage is caused by a whole host of possible causes, and genes is just one of many they consider after others are ruled out.

Plus, think about it: many moms find their first pregnancy to feel totally different than the next! So, clearly genes aren't the end all be all with symptoms and side effects.

Bottom line: However your mom, grandmother or sister experienced her pregnancy, don't assume you'll follow in her footsteps ... or even that your subsequent pregnancies will feel just like your first.

How was your pregnancy different (or similar!) to your mom's?


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