Blake Lively Reveals Why Her Baby Girl Got a 'Boy's Name' (VIDEO)

blake livelyNew mom Blake Lively turned heads earlier this year when she and Ryan Reynolds revealed they had named their child James. The name itself isn't as "out there" as many other celebrity baby names, but because the couple welcomed a baby girl, their choice surprised everyone. Now, almost four months after little James Reynolds' birth, Lively is finally dishing on why she chose the name.


Both Blake and Ryan are androgynous names, so it's only natural that their child, and first daughter, follow suit. But take a look at exactly why they chose James, as opposed to other names:

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There you go, everyone: "It's a family name."

Plus, even Lively admits that she liked having a boy's name, so it's really only right to "pass it on," as she says. Like mother, like daughter!

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And it's also perfectly on-trend. Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell, Mila Kunis named her daughter Wyatt, and now Lively has made everyone reconsider James as a strictly-masculine name.

The style is certainly not brand new, but the current names celeb moms are choosing are unlike those of the past. Names like Taylor, Cameron, and Jordan have been unisex names for generations. But thanks to these recent celeb pickings, we have a new crop of boys-names-for-girls to add to the list. 

Do you like the name James for a girl?


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