Anna Duggar Spills One of Jessa's Pregnancy Secrets

Not that we're entirely surprised, but it turns out Jessa Duggar has been totally holding out on us -- she's known she's been pregnant for a while. Like, at least a month, and probably more.


Anna Duggar posted a photo to Instagram congratulating her sister-in-law on her pregnancy announcement, which is totally sweet. But she clued us in on the secret:

Congratulations Ben & Jessa on your pregnancy! It was so fun to have all 3 of us pregnant together!!!

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They are ADORABLE once you get past Jessa's betrayal. (Which we did. Pretty quickly.) And although having all three of them pregnant at once probably wasn't much fun for anyone else but them, we always love to see sisterly bonding.

But. BUT. If Jill was still pregnant in this photo, then it was taken at least two and a half weeks ago, but probably more.

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In their announcement, Jessa and Ben announced that they're expecting Baby Seewald on November 1, which means she's probably about three months along now, which means she's further along than Jill was when she announced her pregnancy (at just two months -- yikes). 

The Duggars are usually pretty good about spreading out their announcements, so it makes sense that Jessa waited until after Jill's baby was born to share her news.

Then she had to wait another week because Josiah stole the spotlight last Tuesday with his announcement that he's courting. But finally (finally!) it's Jessa's turn to share her good news. And we are THRILLED. 

Congrats to the couple!

How long did you wait to share news of your pregnancy?


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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