Jill Duggar Is Putting Her Siblings to Work

New mom Jill Duggar didn't move far from her family after getting married, and it turns out there's an advantage to that when you have 18 little siblings. Little baby Israel already has a "buddy team" in place made up of his aunts and uncles ... which means Jill might find this motherhood thing easier than she thought.


In the Duggar family, all of the older siblings help raise the younger ones, and it looks like nieces and nephews won't be exempt. Baby Izzy has Joy Anna, 17, Jason, 14, and Jennifer, 7, "assigned" to him. That means they'll be in charge of helping Jill with baby duties, and it'll give them the chance to form an extra emotional connection with him as he grows up.

It's actually a cute idea, but using words like "assign" and "duty" makes this sound more like a tactical operation than babysitting. Then again, we suppose some organization is necessary when there are 19 kids running around all day.

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According to People, Joy Anna's duties started way back when Jill was in labor -- Jill's little sister was tasked with braiding her hair at the hospital. Which, again, doesn't seem so much like a "task" as "a nice thing to do for your sister who is currently giving birth." But, you know. Whatever works.

ANYWAY, all this is good news for Jill, who -- as one of the oldest children -- has likely been on her fair share of buddy teams in her life. And even if she hasn't, she's definitely been cooking and caring for the little ones for a looonnggg time.

Now the tables have turned, and she's finally on the receiving end of all those crazy Duggar task teams. She's the lucky mom who will maybe get a chance to put her feet up during the day ... as long as she's not driven totally insane by all her little siblings running around.

Do you think you'd like to have all those people helping out, or would you rather spend the first months alone with your baby?


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