Prince William Rushes Home to Kate Middleton Just in Time

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As we continue our countdown to royal baby number two, everyone can breathe a big sigh of relief because Kate Middleton will not be flying solo when she goes into labor. People is confirming that Prince William has finished the first phase of his training for his helicopter ambulance job and will be with his wife as she gives birth.


As reports earlier this month showed, there was a very high chance Kate would have to give birth without Prince William present. Between his training, charity work, and public commitments, it was very possible that Prince George's dad wouldn't be around to welcome his second child.

But that's officially not the case. In a statement released through Kensington Palace, it seems that William completed his training "earlier than anticipated... due to a combination of [him] performing well in the various modules and having very good flying conditions that allowed flight training and assessment to progress more quickly than had been planned."

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Now, he's free to be by his wife's side whenever she should go into labor. He's officially on unpaid leave, and his paternity leave will kick in once Prince George's little sibling arrives.

All together now: "phew!"

For any mom ready to give birth, it's such a relief to know that your partner is on-hand for the event. The final stretch of pregnancy is uncomfortable and stressful enough, and pregnant women don't need the added anxiety of worrying whether or not the child's other parent will be able to make it for delivery.

So kudos to William for working through that training to make sure he could help out at the spare heir's arrival!

Did you worry about your partner making it home for the birth?



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