Olivia Wilde Sticks Up for 'Unrealistic' Breastfeeding Moms

olivia wilde

Remember that gorgeous photo in Glamour of Olivia Wilde breastfeeding her baby at a diner? And all the flack she got for it? Welp, Olivia still won't apologize for the photo, and instead has turned around and criticized her critics.


"I was shocked that there were still people who find it inappropriate because they think it's a sexual thing," she told the press. "I think that says a lot about them."

But for me, the criticism that stood out was from The Los Angeles Times, which slammed the photo for making motherhood look "effortless and easy." In other words: Olivia made breastfeeding look too glamorous. And a beautiful breastfeeding photo is bad because ...?

Here's what I don't get: Would the LA Times have preferred that Glamour do a photo shoot of Olivia looking harried and grungy while breastfeeding in a bathroom stall, to better reflect the reality of regular mom's lives? It sure seems so based on their comments.

And Olivia is hardly the only celeb mom who's been slammed for posting "too beautiful" breastfeeding pics. Gisele Bundchen, Jaime King, and Natalie Vodianova have all received less-than-rave reviews for flaunting nursing photos that seemed too serene and glam, as if they'll give regular moms a complex for not looking so great.

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But come on! Let's get real, people. Celebs are glamorous. That's part of the reason we love them, and adore looking at their photos. And let's face it -- Olivia was at a photo shoot, and had to feed her baby. That's HER reality, and that's fine, too. Olivia was just getting the job done just like any other mom, and shouldn't be criticized for looking "good" any more than women shouldn't be slammed for looking bad. 

The bottom line is, seeing any breastfeeding pics is a positive thing, since they help drive home that seeing a mom breastfeeding is perfectly normal. That "normal" may look different for every mom, but whatever it is, let's stop pulling these pictures apart and pull together for a bigger cause.

How do you feel about having your picture taken while breastfeeding?


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