Jill Duggar's Husband Shares Love Letter for Their Baby Boy

jill duggar derick dillardLong before he was actually born, Baby Dilly already felt plenty of love. Derick Dillard just posted a letter he wrote to his son several days before his actual arrival, and it shows off exactly how the first-time dad feels about his son -- and, of course, wife Jill Duggar.


Derick just posted 'A Letter to Israel' on the family's personal blog, and proves that little Israel David was one anticipated baby. Check out some snippets from Dad's note:

Though we are still waiting on your physical birth, I want you to know that mom and I are already praying for your spiritual birth.  The world has not met you yet, but the Lord our God already knows everything about you and who you will be...

It is so neat to have felt you kicking, punching, and turning inside of mom for months now.  Even if it doesn’t always feel the best for mom, I know the joy you bring makes it up for her.

I pray that you will continue to grow, in stature, in knowledge, and in wisdom, true wisdom, that is from the Lord.  And know that I love you son and I always will, no matter what.  I will say it again… I love you Israel!  -Your daddy

Gift one for baby? Check! Now that it's out on the Internet, it's no doubt that Baby Dilly will at one point get a hold of the note. The Dillards have hopped on an already popular trend. Writing notes, emails, letters to babies, saving them, and later giving them all once they turn a certain age (usually 18) is a popular and lenghty gift parents can give to kids.

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But even though he's far too young to read and understand the note, he'll appreciate the sentiment and Dad taking the time to write this heartfelt note much later.

Now that's a great gift to give baby!

Did you do something similar with your kids?



Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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