Fans Share 'Proof' Jessa Duggar Is Already Pregnant

Jessa Duggar has been married to Ben Seewald for almost a full six months now, which means that if she were following in the footsteps of Mama Duggar or her big sis Jill, she'd be well on her way to being a mom of her own already. No official pregnancy announcement has come from the Seewald camp. Yet. But we've had our fair share of hints about a pregnancy, and the latest might be the most incriminating one yet: Jessa was spotted shopping for maternity clothes.


Whoa whoa whoa. Back up. What do we know?

This tweet came in from a Duggar fan in Rogers, Arkansas, near where the Duggars live:

The tweet dates back to April 2, so it's possible that Jessa was just shopping for Jill, who had yet to give birth. It's possible, but likely? Maybe not. Jill was already past her due date at that point, so why would she need new clothes?

Hmmmmm ...

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The Duggars have a history of spreading out (read: milking) family news, so if Jessa were pregnant, she'd probably wait until after Jill gave birth to announce it. And since Josiah just announced that he started courting, Jessa could just be waiting a little longer.

AND FURTHER, YOUR HONOR, this is not the first evidence we've seen that hints at another Duggar pregnancy. We present to you Exhibits A and B:


This photo came from country star Mark Wills' Facebook earlier this week. Some fans claim that's a baby bump.

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A photo posted by Ben Seewald (@ben_seewald) on


And finally, let us not forget that photo of Ben cradling Jessa's stomach in a pretty common pregnancy pose. Was it a leaked pregnancy pic? Could be. Sure seems like it is ...

The prosecution rests. And would also really like an official clarification from Jessa, ASAP.

Jessa and Ben have definitely talked a lot about wanting a family, and they seem interested in both the typical route and adoption. But they never set a timeline, so we could get news of another Duggar grandbaby at any time. Could this shopping trip be it? Maybe...

What do you think? Is this evidence enough to make you think Jessa could be pregnant?


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