Jill Duggar's Husband Stands Up for C-Section Moms

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For Jill Duggar, having a C-section may have not been the way she'd ideally wanted to give birth to baby Israel, but the mom got a comforting reality check about C-sections from her husband Derick Dillard.


"She had labored for so long," said Dillard about his wife's 70 hours of labor before getting the cesarean. "There's no shame in that, there's no shame in not progressing, there's no shame in getting a C-section."

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I'm so glad Derick made it abundantly clear that C-sections are a-okay in his book. Because as much as Jill may tell herself, "there's no shame in C-sections," there may still a part of her who may feel disappointed or like a failure for being unable to have a vaginal birth.

As a mom who had an emergency C-section, I know that some small part of me still feels bad about my cesarean to this day. Which is ridiculous, but hey, moms can be so hard on themselves, because their hopes and expectations for pivotal motherhood moments like childbirth can be unrealistically high.

So when our realities fall short of those expectations, having a partner who firmly states we've got nothing to worry about is a wonderful thing.

Consider this further proof that Jill had picked a great guy!

How do you feel about C-sections?


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