Jill Duggar Is Already Planning Her Next Birth

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Though she had originally planned an at-home water birth for Baby Dilly, Jill Duggar's birth plan was completely changed after 70 hours of labor led to an eventual c-section. But Jill is already planning her next birth and the new mom wants a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) for her next child.


Israel David may only be 10 days old, but Mom is already thinking about his little brother or sister.

After giving birth, she admitted to the doctor that she's looking to have a vaginal birth for her next child.

"We told the doctor, 'Stitch me up really well,'" Jill told PEOPLE. "The doctor told me he has no doubt I'll be able to have a vaginal delivery the next time."

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And just like that, the plans are set for a second. However, with a VBAC, she may be facing some more unexpected changes. Many doctors recommend that mothers hoping for a VBAC wait to get pregnant for about 18 months after having a C-section. That would mean that the next Baby Dilly wouldn't arrive for more than two years if Jill were to follow those recommendations. 

That means that the second-oldest Duggar daughter wouldn't exactly be following Mom's time line when it comes to giving birth about every two years.

On top of that, moms doing a VBAC are also not recommended to have home births because of the increased possibility of complications. Instead, they're encouraged to seek out a hospital that performs high rates of VBACs and is prepared to perform the higher risk birth.

So if you thought Jill would totally follow in Michelle's footsteps, that might not be the case.

What do you think about Jill's plan for the second baby?



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