Jill Duggar Explains Why She 'Thanked God' for Her Contractions

jill duggar dillardWe've all heard stories of women in labor cursing out their husbands, screaming at nurses, and threatening anyone who isn't on hand to make the pain stop. But one thing you rarely hear about happening in the delivery room is the mom-to-be thanking God for those lightening bolt-like contractions. Yet, that's exactly what new mom Jill Duggar Dillard says she was doing as she endured a 70-hour labor before delivering her first child, son Israel David


While initially that might sound absolutely crazy, let's remember the 19 Kids & Counting star is not only extremely religious, she was also 13 days (!!) past her due date.

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We're betting she was probably going out of her mind waiting to finally meet her new baby. At almost two weeks late, at the first twinge of a contraction, any woman would most likely scream: Bring. It. On! 

It makes perfect sense the way she explains it:

I had been praying for contractions and when contractions did start, God made me grateful for those contractions. When they came, even though they were really intense, I was crying, but I was saying, 'Thank you for this contraction God, this is what I prayed for, thank you for this.'

And can you imagine how uncomfortable she must have been? You guys, this little, er, big fella weighed in at 9 lbs., 10 oz.! Not to mention that her whole (huge) family and the world were waiting on Baby Dilly's arrival. (No pressure, Jill!) 

Many moms take comfort in their faith during their deliveries. Let's face it: It's a scary time -- especially if it's your first. Plus, Jill had been hoping for a home delivery, but due to complications that included the baby's breech positioning and his irregular heartbeat, she required an emergency C-section. Those would be frightening circumstances for any mom. 

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Even as you're writhing in pain and enduring those blinding contractions, some part of you is simultaneously thrilled because you know it's just a matter of time before you're going to meet your sweet new baby and any amount of discomfort is worth that.

Does it surprise you that Jill thanked God for her pain?

Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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