Jill Duggar's Baby Israel Already Showing That He's One Cool Dude (PHOTO)

It's been just about a week since Baby Dilly ... oh, er, baby Israel was born, and Jill and Derick are already learning all the hard parenting lessons -- namely, you're not going to be sleeping much for oh, a couple of years, and you're definitely not going to get through this thing in one piece without a healthy sense of humor. 


And what the new family is lacking in sleep they're making up for in laughs, at least according to Derick's latest Instagram post:

The last week has been filled with fun times... and a little less sleep. � #newdad #israeldaviddillard

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Cah-yute! What is it about babies wearing sunglasses? It's always adorable. Always.

Better yet, Izzy (when are we in the clear to start calling him that, by the way?) already has celebrity status and he totally knows it ... even though he's only 9 days old. Check him out -- he's been dodging paparazzi since the day he was born.

He is, without a doubt, the coolest baby we've ever seen. He's got style, he's got swag, and he even has a little attitude ... can't you just tell

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Even with all the baby experts in the extended family, Jill and Derick must be starting to get a sense of the chaos that comes with a brand new baby. It's nice to see that they're keeping their heads, though, and even finding time to have a little fun.

We can't wait to see Israel grow up! And in the mean time, more Instagram photos of your baby wearing funny things, pleaseandthankyou.

Were the first few days of parenthood more stressful or more fun for you?


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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