Derick Dillard’s ‘Hands-On’ Approach to Jill’s Labor Ends in Injury

jill duggar derick dillardDerick Dillard has stood by Jill Duggar's side throughout her whole pregnancy with Baby Dilly and the first-time dad is now revealing just how physically intense the labor and delivery process really was. While Jill labored for more than 70 hours, Derick was a true champ and even had a little "injury" from helping his wife.


In a new interview with PEOPLE, the new parents reveal that while their original birth plan was completely thrown out the window, Derick was right there, ready to help with everything.

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So much so, that he actually put his Bradley method tricks to good use and helped out Jill. And even sustained some war wounds:

"Derick had blood blisters on his hands from doing a hip squeeze during labor," Jill tells the magazine. "No one could do it as well as he did, and when the contractions were intense, I would call him back."

Hello, awesome dad! The delivery of not-so-little Israel David didn't go entirely as planned, but it looks like Dad was willing and able to jump in and help ease any of Mom's pain.

Of course ... that's nothing compared to what mama went through in her 70 hours of labor!

What your partner hands-on during labor and delivery?



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