Jill Duggar Explains Her Unplanned Hospital Birth

Ever since Baby Dilly was born, we've been on the edges of our seats trying to find out more. Jill Duggar had made such a big deal out of having her first child naturally and at home ... yet the first pictures of Israel David were with his parents in the hospital. Now Jill Duggar has finally revealed how her son was born.


First of all, let us all please bow our heads in silence for the SEVENTY hours Jill was in labor. Amen.

Jill and Derick Dillard may have found out within two seconds of their wedding (OK, two weeks, at least) that they were expecting a new Duggar grandchild, but this little guy did not come easily. Jill's March 24 due date came and went without notice. Thankfully, this mom-to-be recognized that first babies often come late, and she didn't put too much stock in the day.

But still -- Jill famously hoped for a home birth. She did start laboring at home, and made it further than a lot of moms would have, but as Jill told PEOPLE, "His birth didn't go as expected ... but having him here -- it's worth all of it. I wouldn't do anything differently."

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After nearly 42 weeks of pregnancy, Jill's water finally broke. Unfortunately, several complications then followed. She tested positive for strep B, which meant she had to start taking antibiotics via an IV. That is not necessarily what home births are made of.

Still, Jill managed to stick it out for 20 hours of labor, until she saw a "faint stain of meconium (the earliest waste of an unborn infant, often a sign of fetal distress) and decided it was time to move to the hospital."

"I was praying to God to give me strength," she said. "I was really scared and nervous, but I was praying." Smart girl. Home births are awesome (if you can handle it), but when things get complicated, you need doctors and the hospital.

After 70 (seventy!) hours of laboring both at the hospital and at home, it was determined that Jill needed a C-section. Baby Dilly had turned into a transverse breech position (sideways and upside down), and his heart rate was dropping.

Israel David Dillard was welcomed into the world at 11:49 p.m. on April 6, weighing a whopping 9-lbs., 10-oz. Even though a C-section was never on their radar, this couple has been nothing but amazed by the new addition to their family.

Jill said, "I love our birth story because it bonded us so well." She then went on to brag, "I still haven't changed a single diaper. Derick has been changing them all."

After 70 hours of labor, all I have to say is, "Good man, Derick." But still, it's such a shocker that Jill Duggar ended up with a C-section, we can't help but wonder how this affects their plan for the future. Will they opt for a VBAC, or will all their children be born by Cesarean? Let's face it -- Baby Dilly's unexpected birth plan may have just changed his family's plans forever.

Somehow though, I'm sure Derick and Jill will have a wonderful family -- whether it includes three or thirty.

Are you surprised to find out that Jill had a C-section?


Image via Derick Dillard/Instagram

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