Sarah Jessica Parker Told Her Son Wacky Lie About Where Babies Come From ​(VIDEO)

With three children with her husband Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker knew she's have to have the sex talk with them at some point. She just didn't know it would happen so soon! The Sex and the City actress was on the Late Show With David Letterman this week, and confessed the hilarious and elaborate life she told her toddler when he asked where babies come from.


Letterman brought up a recent appearance by Broderick on the Late Show, and brought up their discussion about having the "birds and bees" talk with your kids. Broderick had mentioned that he'd been the one to have the talk with the couple's 12-year-old son James Wilkie, but SJP had a different story to tell.

"It's interesting that he recalls it that way," she said, when Letterman told her that her husband had said he'd been very "no-nonsense" and "straightforward" when explaining reproduction to their son.

"My experience has been ... I am the only one home when it comes up," she explained about the conversation she had with her now 12-year-old son a decade ago. "From the time James Wilkie was 2 years old, he asked me at 2 years old ... Now, I misunderstood what he said, but, I did tell him where babies came from, because I thought that's what he asked."

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Apparently, the tot had asked about his lovey, a scrap of fabric which he referred to as "baby." But being a mom, Sarah Jessica admitted that she was caught off-guard, because she'd thought she'd had more time before being asked where babies came from. She remembered, "I said, 'Oh my god! Where do babies come from? I'm not prepared! I thought I had a good 10, 12 years.'"

Instead of going down the route of "when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much..." the Emmy-winner explained:

I told him that he had one seed and there was a young woman named Mary who he would meet in sophomore year of college ... she was going to be very smart and lovely, came from a nice family, and that he would choose Mary to give his seed to. But he had only one.

"That was the conversation that I had when he was 2," she continued. "I think that's not such a bad... You know, if you want to talk about principle and honor and choosing wisely ... I thought about what I'd like for him, which is that he have one seed and that he should choose wisely."

Ha! You know, back in the day before I was a parent, I always thought I'd be very matter-of-fact about explaining where babies came from to my kids. Maybe even do it really young, before it gets totally awkward and uncomfortable. Then I had kids. And it is not easy to talk to them about sex, and I think most of us do stammer and lie a little when our very young children innocently wonder about baby-making.

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I don't know if SJP had this idea in her head already or if she improvised on the spot (she is an actress after all), but it's funny how she was so specific about the details. She knew the name of her future daughter-in-law and when they'd meet!

No word on if the subject has been broached with the couple's 4-year-old twin daughters, but Parker did clear up that they have since had the real sex talk with James Wilkie.

"We have had this conversation in a more real way," she clarified. "James Wilkie came home one day and he had been told everything from our neighbor in the backyard. In our neighborhood it's like the 1940s -- kids climb over walls and they hang out, they're like the Dead End Kids. Our neighbor, he has an older brother, and they told him everything. So I was disappointed and relieved simultaneously."

We hear yah, sister.

Have you had the sex talk with your kids?


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