'Crunchy Mom' Kristen Bell Explains Her Change of Heart on Vaccines

kristen bell

Self-professed "crunchy mom" Kristen Bell thought she wouldn't vaccinate her kids ... that is, before she had them. Only once she gave birth, she turned a 180 and hopped on the vaccine bandwagon. Why the change of heart?


In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Bell explains that first, there's that landslide of scientific research showing immunizations are important. Second, many kids with immune disorders can't be vaccinated and are at risk of dying when parents decide to not immunize their kids.

"There are the weak among us whom we have to protect," she points out. "As moms, our responsibility is not just to our kids -- it's to all the other kids, too."

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You've gotta love this big-hearted comment ... because that's what I hate most about anti-vaxxers: how their decision may be okay for their own kid, but they have zero regard for the damage they could be doing to others.

I also love how Bell is totally upfront about her flip-flop on this issue, wishy-washiness and all. Because what mom hasn't completely changed her mind once the kids arrive? For instance, I was also pretty sure breastfeeding would ick me out and I wouldn't stick with it beyond the bare minimum .... then there I was nursing my 2-year-old. Or, I figured I'd be the "bad cop" in the family who's insist my daughter sleep in her own crib ... and I co-slept up the wazoo.

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No matter how dead-set you seem on any issue, there is no way to anticipate how you'll really feel until you're staring those little tykes in the face. So never say never!

What issue have you changed your mind about after having kids?

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