Blake Lively's Dedication to Breastfeeding Is Serious Stuff

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After welcoming her first child, James, back in December, Blake Lively says she is loving motherhood. And it seems like breastfeeding has taken over this celebrity mama's life!


In an interview with Allure, Blake admitted that breastfeeding was "a full-time job," adding, "I’m, like, driving down the road, pumping."

Well now! I've certainly heard of moms pumping breast milk in strange spots -- bathrooms, offices, airplanes -- but in a car while driving? Imagine looking down from a tractor trailer and taking a peek in the window of that car?!

Of course, Blake could have just been exaggerating here to point out how all-consuming breastfeeding baby James has become. She probably isn't driving around LA with a pump on her chest ... but if she was?

Well, a mom's gotta do what she's gotta do! Even for Hollywood stars, breastfeeding takes a real time commitment -- and not just when you're at home with baby. Many a mom has had to take the pump on the go and drain her breasts in many an unusual place, and we're imaging plenty have done it in the car. It's yet another reason hands-free pumps come in handy!

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If Blake had an audition to drive to quickly but her boobs were just about to burst, why shouldn't she grab her pump for on the go? She'd just be doing what moms through millenia have done: multitask.

Moms always hear that babies are a lot of work, but I, for one, wasn't prepared for the round-the-clock nature of breastfeeding. And being away from your baby is no easier, since your boobs don't know that the baby isn't around and they should slow down production. I recall one cross-country flight alone where by the end, I all but ran to the airport bathroom to hook up and get that milk out with some semblance of privacy. And oh yeah, electric breast pumps are huge, and always get flagged by airport security.

So yeah, breastfeeding is no easy feat, and we're glad that moms like Blake are willing to admit it ... and keep on nursing.

What's the weirdest place you've pumped?


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