Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Have A Little Too Much Help With Their New Baby

Jill Duggar is benefiting from something most new moms dream about: a lot of extra help. While recuperating from giving birth this week to Israel, who weighed close to 10 pounds, Jill and husband Derick Dillard are taking advantage of all of the many, many hands that are pitching in—but is that always a good thing?


Jill has praised her big family, especially her sisters, mom, and Derick's mom, for visiting the hospital where she gave birth and extending offers to help out in any way they can while she rests and eases into mommyhood. It seems Derick had to run off to the orthodontist at some point to get braces put on and both Jim Bob and Michelle rushed to help by driving him to the doc and looking after Jill and Israel David.

And, get this, Jill and Derick have actually assigned a three-person "buddy team," consisting of siblings Joy Anna, 17, James, 13, and Jennifer, 7, whose job it is to welcome and "protect" Israel and help care for Jill.

Joy Anna even spent a night at the hospital hanging out with Jill and braiding her hair.

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This is all very lovely and loving, and I expect nothing less from the Duggar family. But, as a mom, I would have absolutely gone batty after a few weeks if I didn't get some alone time with my new baby. On the one hand, you can use all the help you can get when you return home from the hospital—especially is you have a C-section or painful birth. You mother-in-law wants to grocery shop for you? She's an angel. Have a sister who is willing to watch your infant for a few hours so you can take a walk and grab a coffee? She's an absolute goddess.

But there's an ugly side to this, too. Things can get a little hairy when there are too many cooks in the kitchen and each has an opinion about how you care for your newborn. Sometimes you just want to learn to bathe your baby on your own, without a hundred different "tips."

Judging by Jill's grateful reaction to all of the help she is getting, it sounds like hers has been a positive experience. She's a lucky girl!

What do you think about all of the help Jill is receiving? Is it a blessing or can it also be a curse?


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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