Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Welcome Their First Baby

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake is now a daddy! Oh, and his beautiful wife, Jessica Biel, is a mommy, of course. Let's not forget her! She was very integral to this whole baby thing! The couple announced to People magazine exclusively that their little bundle has arrived. They had opted to keep the sex of the baby a secret even to themselves, but well, now they know what the baby is! And not only that, they have named the baby already too. Oh hot diggedy dog, what did they have??!!


Watch out, there might be another singing superstar in the family, because Justin and Jessica had a BOY. They also eschewed giving him a "J" name and went with something nice and old-fashioned ...

Silas Randall!

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Oooh, me likey. Silas means "wood, forest," and is Latin. It's been steadily moving up in popularity the last few years, but something tells me it's gonna be Silas, Silas, Silas from now on! As for me, whenever I hear that name I think of the book Silas Marner by one of my favorite authors, George Eliot (who is a woman writing under a male pen name).

Randall is, of course, a Timberlake family name. It's not only Justin's dad's name, but his middle name too.

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I have to give my full stamp of approval to this name. I'm sure the couple are relieved to hear that.

Congratulations to Justin and Jessica, this baby is bound to be talented and attractive.

What do you think of the name?

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