Hilary Duff Says She Timed Divorce Just Right for Her Child

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Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were married in 2010. They welcomed their son, Luca Cruz, in March of 2012, but by January 2014, the couple announced they were separating. There were many sightings of Hilary and Mike together which made us believe they were reconciling, but they filed for divorce in January. Hilary says she's glad she got divorced when she did ... for her kid's sake.


It's common to hear stories of broken marriages and people saying how they stayed together for the kids. Divorce already creates a complicated range of emotions between a couple. Adding in children makes the already difficult situation even more challenging. Which is why it's vital for parents getting divorced to look to the bright side of things, even when that can be very hard to do. That's exactly what Hilary and Mike are doing. Hilary told People about how she and Mike are dedicated co-parents, which is fantastic.

We are a unit and we’re going to be a unit for the rest of our lives. We realized [as a couple] we weren’t where we used to be. But I feel so lucky this happened when Luca was young because this is his normal now.

I have said that same sentiment. I am glad my divorce happened when my twins were 3 -- they were too young to remember much and their "normal" was mom and dad living apart. Divorce is hard no matter what -- and we must look at the silver lining. I love that Hilary is focusing on that. Any divorced parent has to find the silver lining in whatever their unique situation may be. With Hilary, her son will never know his parents together, so he will grow up with that being his normal. That takes away some of the fears we have as parents that our kids blame themselves for the divorce, that they will be scarred if they see the turmoil in the home, or their parents fighting. Or even those difficult emotions of the first time mom or dad isn't in the house anymore. Parents divorcing make it work no matter what -- we have to. There is no other option. It simply has to be okay for our kids, and we do all we can in our power to make it so.

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This is Hilary's piece of peace with it and as a divorced mom, I can completely relate. In life, I think we learn that there really isn't a "best time" for anything. It's what you make of that time, how you handle it, how you look on the bright side. That's what will help Hilary, Mike, and their son Luca get through this as a family -- a co-parenting family.

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