Kate Middleton Might Have to Deliver Baby #2 Without Prince William

As the royal due date inches closer, more and more details about Kate Middleton's delivery are coming out, but the news today isn't so great. Kate might have to give birth without hubby Prince William present.


That's something a lot of moms fear, and it looks like not even princesses are exempt. If anything, all of Prince William's royal duties will just keep him further from Kate during her last couple weeks.

Wills is scheduled to start training for his new job as an Air Ambulance Pilot with Bond Air Services in the next few months ... and that's on top of all of his other charity commitments and public appearances. The job itself won't start until this summer, but there's a lot of training and tests he has to go through before he gets there.

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William left his last job as a Royal Air Force search-and-rescue pilot just after Kate gave birth to George. But now, just before his second child is due, he picks up work again. That move leaves Kate alone in her last month of pregnancy and the first few as a mom of two. And when we say "alone," we don't me that alone, because she is a princess after all. But doesn't it seem like this is the most important time for Wills to be around?

The training for William's job will put him on one of the company's three bases, all of which are about a two hour drive from London. So even if he leaves as soon as Kate goes into labor, she'll have to do those first scary moments alone.

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And what if he doesn't make it at all? Even if he is a prince, a emergency helicopter pilot isn't exactly the kind of job where you can just drop everything and leave in the middle of the day. 

Poor Kate. That's a lot of worrying for a mama who's nine months pregnant.

But then again, you never know -- William could be off-duty when Kate's time comes, and this could end up being a non-issue. But wouldn't you rather be sure?

It's a fuzzy line between wanting to support your partner in their life and actually needing them to be there in yours, and it seems like being royal doesn't make navigating that terrain any easier. 

Where was your partner while you were giving birth? 


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