Jill Duggar's Baby Name Is Packed With Special Meaning for His Parents

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As Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar welcomed each child, we watched eagerly to find out which 'J' name they'd choose. Now that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have welcomed their first child, Israel David, we're all waiting to see what name theme they choose with their family. But for now, we know that little Israel holds some seriously special meaning for the couple.


Israel is a classic Biblical name that means "God contended." Jacob was renamed Israel after a battle with an angel in the Old Testament.

But for the Dillards, it's even more personal: It's where Derick bought Jill's engagement ring!

We know that the couple first met over Skype because Jim Bob was one of Derick's prayer partners while Derick was doing missionary work in Nepal. Then, after months of just video chatting, Jill and Jim Bob traveled to Nepal where she met Derick for the first time, in person.

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And the love story went from there. But what does it mean for the family?

The Duggars are famous for many things: their extra large-sized brood, their conservative lifestyle, and, of course, their names. Michlle and Jim Bob Duggar just happened to name their first three kids with 'J' names, and when Jill came around, they decided to keep the trend going. So what will Jill and Derick choose?

They already nixed the idea of letter names, but admitted that they will do a theme with their children's names. With Israel starting it off, could it possibly be a place name? Nepal and Arkansas are sure to follow!

What theme do you think the Dillards will do?



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