Kate Middleton's Maternity Leave Is Going to Be a Lot Different Than Last Time

When you're a princess, you get accustomed to nice things. Gorgeous clothes, spacious homes, and a doting staff are basically thrown at you at every turn ... but now Kate Middleton is getting something every mom would really kill for: An extended maternity leave. Lucky girl.


According to a royal source, Kate felt that her maternity leave after George's birth was too short ... and it kind of was. Kate was back in shape and dazzling the red carpet in less than two months after giving birth to George.

That's a lot less than most moms in the UK, where they get a full year of paid maternity leave. Though not everyone takes that much time, about 89 percent of mothers in the UK take at least 39 weeks.

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So Kate, who was only out of commission for 8 weeks, definitely rushed it after having George. But she doesn't seem to want to do that again.

This time, Kate wants to spend more time with her kids and stick around for the sibling bonding. You can't blame her for that, can you?

Of course, she's lucky to have the option to take an extended leave at all. But since she does have that option, she'd be crazy not to take it. With a toddler and an infant at home, she'll need the extra time. And with the whole world watching her every move, I'm sure she'll appreciate the weeks out of the spotlight.

The fam will most likely spend their months together at their gorgeous (and oh so British) country home at Anmer Hall. That move will put Kate and the royal kiddos closer to Prince William's base when he starts working regular shifts as an air ambulance pilot flying out of Norwich and Cambridge next year.

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It's hard to say how long "extended" means, though. For most moms in the UK, that'd mean more than a year. But it's kind of hard to imagine not hearing from William or Kate until 2016, isn't it?

Since they already have the best nannies Britain has to offer at their disposal, it'll more likely only be a few months. Sigh. That still feels like forever from over here, but you know it'll pass in a flash for Kate.

The next Prince or Princess of Cambridge is due sometime this month, so hopefully we'll find out more then. We don't want to have to go TOO long without the Royals, but Kate also deserves to take her time with her kids. Don't you think?

How long was your maternity leave?


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