Fox News Host Slams Kelly Clarkson for Her Weight

Here we go again. Because he is a perfect specimen of a man, Fox News host Chris Wallace decided it was his duty to slam Kelly Clarkson for her weight gain in a vicious, humiliating way. Don't worry, he isn't getting away with it. Fellow Fox News host Greta Van Susteren has demanded that he apologize for being a total jerk.


While making a radio appearance Friday on The Mike Gallagher Show, Wallace, 67, and Gallagher, 54, confused the year for 1962 because the two deemed it totally appropriate to "joke" about Clarkson and rip the new mom to shreds because of her weight.

After ha ha-ing the term "fat shaming," Gallagher proceeded to do exactly that by referring to Clarkson in the following way: "Holy cow, did she blow up."

Wallace didn't respond at first and it seemed like he was going to be the gentleman that was needed when he said that Clarkson has a "lovely voice." But then, for whatever reason, he later added, "She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while."

For a man who has three daughters and is old enough to be Clarkson's dad, I would think he'd have more compassion and sense than that.

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I've never listened to this radio program before, so I can't comment on it, but I find it difficult to believe, with so much going on in the world, that two grown men would have nothing else to talk about then Kelly Clarkson's body. It's truly disturbing to think these men have a platform and can use their voices and fame to share important information to their listeners, but this is what they choose to do with the privilege they've been given.

As I mentioned, Van Susteren did the right thing and came forward to write a blog post about this disgusting behavior, adding that her colleague owes Clarkson an apology.

Kelly has always taken the high road when it comes to comments about her weight, and I'm sure that just makes her even more of a target to bullies. As much as I admire her for not falling prey to their nonsense, at least once, I'd love to see her give everyone the finger. The woman has never done a thing to anyone—lay off of her already.

Do you think Chris Wallace should apologize or is it his right to talk about Clarkson's weight?


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