Jill Duggar Shows Off Baby Bump & Predicts She May Have an 'Easter Baby' (PHOTO)

Jill and Derick Dillard's baby must be very content where he is—because there's no sign of him just yet! After the 19 Kids and Counting star shared on Friday that she was planning on indulging in as much spicy Mexican food as she could to try and speed labor along, it seems nothing is working yet—and she posted a photo showing herself four days overdue.


I can't even imagine the 23-year-old's anxiety and frustration. At some point in the third trimester you hit a wall and go from feeling like you need more time to prepare to feeling as ready as you're ever going to be and just wanting to meet your little boy or girl.

After experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions that both Jill and Derick took for the real thing (there's nothing more annoying), Jill appears to be patiently waiting this out—I mean, what else can you do, right? 


Still waiting to meet our little guy. � Maybe we'll have an Easter baby! #jillmdillard #babydilly

A photo posted by Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) onApr 4, 2015 at 8:05am PDT


Honestly, she looks fantastic and not at all nervous.

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Just a few days ago, Jill and Derick were volunteering at a church and the mom-to-be has been using this time she has before "Baby Dilly" makes his appearance to get some work done and hang out with her husband. Her little boy is taking the time he needs to be born healthy and strong and we're sure his birth will happen any day, minute, or hour now.

When do you think Jill and Derick's baby will be born?


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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