Smartest Dad Ever David Beckham Chaperoned His 14-Year-Old Son's Dates

It must be difficult enough growing up with hotties David and Victoria Beckham as your parents. To make matters worse, the soccer legend recently admitted he allowed his 16-year-old son Brooklyn to date when he was just 14—with one caveat: he followed them to the restaurant.


David says his eldest son was honest with him when he was just 14 and actually confided in him that there was a girl he liked whom he wanted to treat to a nice Valentine's Day dinner out on the town. Let's just get this out of the way: awwwww! How adorable is it that a boy feels comfortable enough to chat openly with his dad? This is a testament to their strong relationship and to David's super-cool, modern parenting skills.

Now, let's focus on his age. Holy cow, 14 is young! It's pretty clear Victoria is the disciplinarian in the family because David says she told him the only way she'd allow Brooklyn to take a girl out is if he drove them to and from the restaurant AND stayed with them there.

Did a part of you just die for this poor child just thinking about the embarrassment of having your dad order sushi for you while the girl of your dreams sits inches away? Well, the good news is that David gave his little guy more freedom that that. He says he sat five tables away and that when his 4-year-old daughter is old enough to date, he'll sit even closer.

Parents can't seem to agree on the ideal age in which their children should be allowed to begin dating. Personally, I'd love it if my kids focused on school, sports, and friends and didn't date until they were at least 16. But, looking back at my own dating history, I doubt this is going to happen.

When I was 14, I had my first little boyfriend. He didn't take me out to dinner, unless you count buying me french fries at a diner at 3 in the afternoon while a group of 20 of our closest friends sat gathered around a table making loud, obnoxious noises. My parents, of course, never found out about this "boyfriend," whom I'm sure was my significant other for no longer than two weeks.

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I think David and Victoria's way is infinitely better. Their teen got an opportunity to learn at an early age how to take a girl out on a proper date which, judging by what David says he is teaching him, includes holding doors and chairs for the young lady. He doesn't have a reason to try and sneak off with girls because he isn't being treated as if he has to stay away from them.

At the same time, his parents have made it perfectly clear that he is too young to date on his own and that there are boundaries at his age. They've given him enough freedom to explore this new, exciting world of dating, but not so much that he feels like he's in over his head.

Is anyone else wondering whether this lucky girl's mom just so happened to "drop in" at the restaurant at the same time David was on his spy mission?

What do you think about David Beckham following his 14-year-old on a date?


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