Jill Duggar Can't Resist An 'Overdue' Baby Bump Photo

She's officially three days past due and showing every second of it, but Jill Duggar is still posing for baby bump photos. Could it be her last? We hope so -- for her sake. That girl looks beautiful, but she has to be exhausted by now.


Dad-to-be Derick Dillard updated us on Jill's pregnancy with a new baby bump photo on his Instagram ... but somehow it doesn't really seem fair to call that a "bump" anymore. Check it out:

I wonder if #babydilly will decide to come on the one year anniversary of my engagement to @jillmdillard this weekend.

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It doesn't seem possible that Jill can hang on to that baby for another minute, but in his caption Derick admitted that he's holding out for this weekend, which is the couple's one year engagement anniversary.

WAIT. Their engagement?! It's only been a year, but they've moved quickly from hand holding to kissing to installing car seats and welcoming a child into the world.

Talk about a whirlwind romance.

It definitely would be fitting if Baby Dilly were to make his appearance this weekend. If he can slip in under the one year mark, then that would make this officially the craziest year in Dillard history.

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We were hoping we'd see Baby Dilly on Tuesday, but Jill is saying now that she's prepared to wait as long as April 5 for the baby to arrive. It's not uncommon for first-time moms to have long pregnancies, but going past 41 weeks just seems cruel. 

Poor Jill looks so tired, but she still has a smile on her face, which says a lot about her. We know how excited she and Derick must be to meet Baby Dilly ... and we've got to say that we're pretty excited, too.

Did your pregnancy go beyond 40 weeks?


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