Katie Holmes Lets Her 8-Year-Old Wear Makeup & It Couldn't Be Cuter (PHOTO)

katie holmes

While Katie Holmes is very protective of her daughter, Suri, in terms of her exposure to the press, she's pretty permissive in other ways, and a recent Instagram photo posted by the star says it all: it shows Suri applying makeup ... and the girl is only 8 years old!


In fact, the black-and-white photo shows both mother and daughter primping side by side in a mirror; it looks as if Suri is putting on lipstick, while Katie touches up her eye liner.

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Now, I'm guessing some parents are going to hit the roof that Katie allows Suri to wear makeup at such a young age. But I, for one, think it's harmless and sweet, good old-fashioned mother/daughter bonding at its best. 

As any mother with a daughter knows, girls love imitating their moms. Heck, my 4-year-old loves putting on my makeup, then making me up. Granted, neither of us leave the house this way (my daughter is 4, so you can imagine how our faces look), but if she really wanted to head out all done up, I wouldn't entirely be against it.

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Here's the reason: I think that Suri (and my daughter) are young enough that any makeup on their face won't be taken the wrong way. Once girls reach their tweens, I might reconsider, but until then, I say makeup is okay, and to heck with what the naysayers think. Because you can never overestimate the importance of a little girl time, regardless of your daughter's age.

How do you feel about girls wearing makeup?


Image via katieholmes212/Instagram

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