Bullies Ruin Autistic Kid's Birthday Bash, But It Ends Up Bigger & Better Then He Dreamed

odin birthday

When Odin Camus' mom sent out invitations for his 13th birthday party, and planned an entire bowling event for his classmates, not a single person RSVP'd. But, through the great power of the Internet (for good, this time), celebrities, sports team, and people around the world rallied and wished Odin, who has Aspergers, a happy birthday.


Odin's mom, Melissa, notes that her son has had "some difficulty making friends" and "struggles with bullying." But the whole community came out in support of the now-teenager. 

Melissa posted a Facebook event, first meant for just close friends and family, and it quickly was shared by thousands of strangers. And plenty of celebrities:

See that internet? You can work together for good! And along with the entire city of Petersborough, Ontario, the online community gave Odin the birthday he really deserved.

The teenager was driven to the bowling alley in a stretch limo and met by hundreds of friends. The news site PTBO Canada came through on its promise. Reporters, friends, news sites, and Odin and family, all gathered together for the big day.

Now that's how you support someone. And you still can! Go ahead and send Odin a virtual hug and birthday wishes through the Facebook page and help spread the love.

What do you think of Odin's birthday party?


Image via CHEX Newswatch

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