Britney Spears Is Taking Math Classes So She Can Do Her Kids' Homework

britney spears sonsOnce your kids reach school-age, one of the hardest, most difficult, and ridiculously challenging parts of parenthood revolves around homework. Homework. It's not easy to do even as an adult. Which is why I applaud Britney Spears for taking math classes so she can help her sons -- 9-year-old Sean and 8-year-old Jayden -- with their school work that often takes three hours a night. Three hours?! I think our schools have gone too far.


A survey noted that 46.5 percent of parents didn't understand their kids homework. Insert the "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" jokes here. But no matter how much education you received or the grades you earned way back when, it's hard to remember everything about every subject ... particularly math.

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I realize I will receive a bit of envy when I tell you that my kids go to a school that doesn't believe in formal homework. But last year, when they were in a different school, homework was a form of torture in my house for my son. It took hours. It became so challenging, we just didn't do it until he was ready to sit down to do it. Forcing him didn't work, and I feared it would make him hate school. So we did what we could and saved the rest for another day. Or never. We did, however, read each night. It wasn't required homework, but it was our nightly ritual. I'm not sure how Britney, and many parents out there, deal with three hours a night of homework. How?!

Let's just say your kid gets home from school around 4 p.m. There's a little settling in time, which takes us to 4:30. If homework is started right away and your kid works for two solid hours (no bathroom break, no snack break, no let me walk the dog break), it takes you to dinnertime, leaving your kids with an hour more of homework and just an hour or so until bedtime. What about bath time? Playing outside time? Bonding time with the family? Reading a book other than what's assigned from school time? A brain break?! There is no time for any of that when a kid has three hours of homework a night. Forget soccer practice or ballet lessons or playdates or going out for tacos.

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And then when the homework that takes up all their time is too difficult for even the parents to help the kids with ... where does that leave us? Is anyone learning or are we just learning to hate school and homework and getting an education? I think it's smart that Britney is taking classes to help her sons with their homework -- she's clearly an involved mom wanting the best for her kids. But not everyone can do that if we don't remember algebra. Maybe schools need to cut homework to an hour a night. This way kids learn, they soak it in, and still have time to be kids, allowing them to love school and not hate it or fear not doing their homework perfect.

Thankfully, in times of stumped equations, fractions, and in the interest of being coefficient, we have the internet to help. Maybe parents can even start a math club where classmates get together to help each other out while us moms and dads scratch our heads when we hear our kids discuss polynomials. Which, by the way, has nothing to do with Sister Wives.

Or maybe we can take a class with Britney.

What kind of homework conundrums are you facing?


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