Mila Kunis Shares Who She's Thinking About During Sex & It's Not Ashton (VIDEO)

Mila KunisAdorable actress Mila Kunis just keeps on making our mom crush on her grow! It turns out the new mother is just like the rest of us -- her mind drifts during sex. How is that even possible when you're talking about getting it on with Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher, you ask?


Well, the star of Jupiter Ascending, who appeared on the debut episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, said she sometimes thinks she hears the couple's almost-6-month-old daughter, Wyatt, and it pulls her right out of the moment.

Don't you just love Mila even more for admitting that and for being such a hands-on mom? What she's saying is so true. Once kids enter the picture, they're never out of your mind completely. Even in the throes of ecstasy, you always have one ear out for a cough or a cry.

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I hate to break it to Mila, but for many moms that never goes away. Wait until Wyatt is older and instead of thinking she's just making noises in her crib, you think you hear her right outside your door!

Even once you convince yourself she's not going to burst in and catch you in a position you're not prepared to discuss with her for another decade, you then start thinking, "Did I remember to buy those crackers she likes to take in her lunch?" and "Am I driving to or from soccer practice tomorrow?"

Suddenly, you've spun off into all the mom-related things that fill your brain, and once they're on your mind, it's not always easy to climb back out of that never-ending rabbit hole, right? 

It can even be tough to stay focused when you're out of town and the kids aren't with you. Your hubby's kissing your neck while you're busy wondering if Grandma knows where the Band-Aids are. 

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But, hey, if anything, it makes you feel better knowing even gorgeous Hollywood celebs get distracted by mommy duties! We're glad we're in good company. 

Do you often find your mind drifting toward your kids during intimate moments? 

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