Jill Duggar Shares How Close She Is to Giving Birth (PHOTO)

jill duggar baby bump pregnantThe due date is here! After what seems like the longest pregnancy, Jill Duggar's due date has officially arrived, but as of now, there are still no signs of Baby Dilly. But we are so close. Even Jill says so.


In a new photo posted to the Duggar family Facebook, page, we can see Jill excitedly posing with her belly and some new baby swag.

And the absolute perfect caption: "So. Very. Close."

That's just so. Very. True. It's not uncommon for first-time moms to deliver a little after their due date, so don't be phased by the fact that there's no little baby yet. First pregnancies tend to last just a little bit longer, but we're definitely in the final stretch of the big adventure.

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There are maybe a couple days, possibly a week, left until Baby Dilly makes his appearance in the world, and Mom can't contain her eagerness. Undoubtedly, Dad feels the same.

The couple is more than ready to finally welcome their son to the family. In the past couple days, we've seen them nesting, staying home, welcoming a few visitors, and getting ready for whenever the little one decides to make the entrance.

The birthing tub is set and the midwife is on speed dial. Now it's all just waiting for the cue. (That's you, Baby Dilly!)

When do you think Jill will deliver?


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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