'Mad Men' Star Invents A Rockin' Name for New Baby

We've got another one to add to the list of unusual (but also kind of cute?) celebrity baby names! Mad Men star Jessica Paré gave birth this week to her first child and named him ... Blues? Yep, not Blue. Blues.


Paré's long-time boyfriend John Kastner posted a photo of baby Blues Anthony Paré Kastner with his half-sister, Summer, on Instagram.

Please meet Blues Anthony Paré Kastner...

A photo posted by johnkastner (@johnkastner) on

Baby Blues? C'mon, that's cute. We're all used to Blue Ivy Carter at this point, so Blues is easier to wrap our heads around than it would have been a couple years ago.

But according to Baby Name Wizard, Blue (with no "s") has become, dare I say ... mainstream? There are a bunch of babies named Blue out there. That said, there's not even an entry for Blues, making it Blue's cooler and more obscure cousin.

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Pare's baby name is not the only version of Blue out there. Who could forget Alicia Silverstone's baby Bear Blu? And we've also heard of Bluesette as a name for all the big fans of jazz out there.

But Blues? It's new. It's fresh. We like it. We think this kid has a future as a blues rocker or something like that.

What do you think of the name Blues?

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