Very Pregnant Jill Duggar Celebrates Very Special Wedding Anniversary

jill duggar baby bump 39 weeksTomorrow's the day, people! March 24 is officially Jill Duggar's due date, and the soon-to-be mom is also celebrating another major milestone in her life. Derick Dillard just posted a congratulatory message to his wife, announcing their 9-month anniversary. Wait... what?!


Do the math. Jill is 39 weeks pregnant. That's just past the nine-month pregnancy mark. And it's their nine-month anniversary. 

Yes, pregnancy happened pretty much ASAP. The couple wasted no time working on Baby Dilly. 

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Both Jill and Derick have followed in the steps of her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. They don't use birth control and instead aim to welcome as many children into the world "as God has planned," they say. Evidently, it was marriage to baby in practically no time.

And since they're gearing up and ready to welcome a baby boy any day now, it's all about family time and couple time, and the perfect moment to celebrate an anniversary.

Before they know it, the little man will be here. And the planning is well under way. Jill's birth plan has been finalized and she'll be delivering via water birth at home, with Derick's help, of course. They've practiced and followed the Bradley Method and Mr. Dillard will be his wife's number one supporter and coach throughout labor.

Next time we see them, there might be a plus one joining in the photos!

When do you think Jill will deliver?


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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