Bristol Palin's Fiance Already Sucked Into Scandal Over Babies & Guns (PHOTO)

Bristol PalinBristol Palin's new fiance, former Marine Dakota Meyer, should fit right into the Palin family, as he's already causing controversy. Meyer posted a photo of himself (since deleted) playing with a baby on Instagram -- but what drew attention was the fact that there was a gun within reaching distance of the baby.


You'd think with all of the news stories we read about children as young as toddlers getting hold of guns and either killing themselves or someone else that the Medal of Honor winner would be more careful, but apparently he finds the close proximity of child and gun to be just fine. After someone on Instagram noted the gun near the kid, he wrote back: "That's just how we roll haha."

Erm, yeah, so Palin didn't exactly choose him for his brains.

While he might think the baby is too young to do any damage with a gun nearby, Meyer will soon be living with Palin and her 6-year-old son, Tripp. Is he going to have such an equally lackadaisical attitude then?

Also, he and Bristol could have a child. Clearly, he thinks babies and guns mix, so he could easily leave one out around their kid. He'll then grow accustomed to leaving weapons around, and before he knows it, little Palin/Meyer is walking, talking, and able to point and shoot. Babies can get to that age without you even noticing it.

Take the toddler who shot his mom in a grocery store. Would anyone have thought he was capable of reaching into her purse the moment her back was turned and pulling the trigger? There are loads more stories where that one came from. Adults seem to underestimate the manual dexterity of young children -- and that includes knowing how to wield a gun!

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I hope Meyer reconsiders his stance on children around guns, but I suspect that won't happen. Let's hope that attitude isn't a recipe for disaster.

Do you think guns should be around babies?


Images via dakotameyer0317/Instagram


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