Katie Holmes' Complicated Co-Parenting Strategy Gives Us a Giant Headache

katie holmes and top cruise

Co-parenting children comes with its own unique set of challenges. And for divorced and single parents, maintaining a relationship with one another for the sake of the children can sometimes be the biggest struggle of all. Same goes for celeb families. Take Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, for example, who apparently need an intermediary to communicate about daughter Suri.


Sources close to Cruise and Holmes tell TMZ that the couple does not talk to one another -- at all. In fact, they use a mediator to talk about all things Suri. From when she'll be visiting who, to regular decisions about her upbringing, everything is done through a middleman. There's no direct line of communication between Mom and Dad.

And what's worse, is that these same sources reveal that neither party really has any desire to fix the relationship.

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The couple first started dating in 2005. Suri was born in April 2006, and they tied the knot that same year in November. After five years of marriage, they divorced in 2012, and Suri now lives full-time with Mom in New York City. Tom is on location shooting Mission Impossible 5 and lives in Los Angeles.

And the arguments have supposedly led the couple to a complete no-talking status.

How... complicated. Celebrity or not, having ill-feelings toward your ex is fairly common. But when there's a child shared between two people, the need for communication about their general livelihood should overshadow all feelings.

So could you imagine having to call an intermediary just to find out how your child is doing, whether her schoolwork is complete, and whether or not she's left her headbands at your ex's place? Or any of the other 5,000 questions that probably come up in the daily life of any 9-year-old?

Talk about convoluted.

How do you communicate to your co-parent about your child?



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