Jill Duggar Won't Be Having a Texas Baby After All

jill duggar derick dillardThe show will go on as planned! Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been vacationing with the whole Duggar family as they toured Texas, but the very pregnant mom-to-be won't be giving birth in the Lone Star state after all.


Derick and his wife, and Baby Dilly, are now safely back in Arkansas and gearing up to welcome the little dude into the world:

And while they're still about a week from the official due date (March 24), the little man is making his presence known. Even Dad has noted that Jill's baby bump is bigger than ever thanks to his son's moves:

But as a midwife and resident Duggar baby expert (she's served as a "buddy" to multiple younger siblings), Jill is more than ready for the big day. Like her sister-in-law Anna, Jill will deliver at home. She'll be assisted by a midwife, and Derick will be her coach. She's used the Bradley Method to train, so the husband will be the point man on all important moments throughout the delivery.

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They've purchased their birthing tub and the home is getting ready for the process. The newlyweds have appointed Jill's mom and sisters are go-to errand runners should anything come up, and are now just waiting for Baby Dilly's cue.

When do you think Jill will give birth?



Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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